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Types of curtain headings

There are various types of curtain headings to choose from, each offering a different look and feel to your room.  Pinch pleat headings, either triple or double, are very popular and can make a more formal alternative to a pencil pleat heading, as can goblet pleats headings.  Eyelet headings offer a more contemporary style, as do a wave heading.

Curtain Linings

I offer a variety of different linings and can offer advice on the best type of lining to use for your window, dependent on the type of room, the direction the window faces, and the amount of insulation required.
I supply

  • Standard 100% cotton sateen lining, in either cream or white, which drapes beautifully and is crease resistant
  • Blackout lining, again in cream or ivory, which has a soft feel and also drapes very well. This type of lining is suitable for windows where it is important for the light to be blocked out, and it is heavier than conventional lining, which also makes it a good option to add weight to more lightweight curtain fabrics
  • Thermal lining, useful for its insulation properties
  • Cotton interlining fabric, which is sewn between the curtain face fabric and the lining and improves the drape and hang of curtains as well as providing insulation against draughts and protecting the fabric from harmful sunlight.  A lightweight interlining is ideal for interlining roman blinds

Curtain Poles and Tracks

I can supply a variety of different poles and tracks, from wooden and hollow wrought iron curtain poles in a myriad of different colours to PVC and telescopic curtain tracks and net rods.  I can even provide aluminium bendable curtain tracks for bay windows!

Choosing the correct pole or track is a key element in displaying your curtains to their best advantage.  Ensuring that the curtain pole will support the weight of your curtains and that it has enough rings to make the curtains hang correctly are vital, and I can advise you with this.

A curtain track is often used behind a pelmet or a valance and cannot be seen, but choosing one that will suit your curtains is imperative. Tracks can also be corded, which can really help with large windows or where the window is in a less accessible space.